“Best Rye Bread In Town”.

All rolls are 13 to a dozen.

Far too many to name here…

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Karsh’s Bakery has been a family owned and operated business since the early 1960’s. Our family’s old world recipes were brought into the shop in 1968 by the new owners and the customers quickly realized the difference in the products. That difference was the quality.

The same people own and operate Karsh’s Bakery today: Arnie and Gloria Gardner.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Arnie is a third generation baker.  He learned his trade working with his father and his father learned from his dad. Gloria went to Central High and graduated from ASU. She is in charge of retail customer service and is our Wedding Cake consultant

Quality and customer service is the reason we are known throughout the southwest.  While we continually upgrade our product line, we stick to the products that have proven to be our customer favorites such as: crusty rye bread, chewy bagels, rich pastries, multi-layer cakes, cookies, rugalach, challahs and rolls.

Karsh’s Bakery is a wholesale and retail bakery. We are proud to supply  Miracle Mile and Park Central Delis, Don & Charlies and  AJ’s Fine Foods to name a few.

Although the bakery doesn’t  have a kosher certificate, we use only the finest kosher ingredients and separate Dairy from Non-Dairy (Pareve).

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